The agreement is a bulk discount agreement that is at least twelve months (basic term) long. The
basic term begins when the agreement is signed. After the first twelve-month period, the agreement
automatically continues for the time being with a period of notice of one full calendar month, unless the
agreement is terminated no later than one month before the basic term ends.

Premature termination of the agreement requires the member to pay the difference between a normal
priced monthly pass and the monthly price stated in the agreement for the time used, if the agreement
has been valid for less than twelve months.

The membership and access card are personal and their misuse may result in the annulment of the
agreement, in which case the payments remaining in the agreement may be charged from the member.
In this case, they will fall due as a one-time payment when the agreement is terminated.

If someone other than the member, such as an employer, pays the monthly fee either in part or fully,
the member is still personally responsible for ensuring that all fees are paid. The rights and
responsibilities stated in this agreement do not pertain to an external payer.

If a member does not pay his/her dues despite a request to do so and a payment is overdue, Pole4fit
Oy reserves the right to charge a penalty interest and a reminder fee in accordance with the Interest
Act. If the invoice has to be passed to debt collection, the member shall pay the reasonable collection
charges caused by the case. If a member neglects the payments stated in the agreement despite
receiving a complaint, the agreement may be terminated with immediate effect to the client, in which
case the member may be charged for the payments remaining in the agreement. In this case, they will
fall due as a one-time payment when the agreement is terminated.

The charging fee is charged by invoice in which the due date is agreed to be either the 5th or the 20th
day of the month as stated in the membership agreement. The member pays the fees on his/her own
initiative no later than the due date agreed upon, using the reference number provided. The same
reference number is used in all monthly payments.

In special cases, such as pregnancy, a move or compulsory military service, a member may terminate
the agreement with a period of notice of one full calendar month. An illness that has lasted for more
than ten days may be compensated for by refunding the payment that corresponds to the said time in
return for a doctor’s certificate. The previously described cases are always separately discussed with
the member.

The prices are revised each calendar year. Possible changes are posted on the notice boards of
centres at least one month before the change comes into effect. Possible changes do not concern
agreements for basic terms.

Pole4fit Oy reserves the right to change the terms and conditions in this agreement by giving notice of
the change on the notice boards of its centres well in advance. If a member feels that his/her interests
have been significantly compromised because of this, he/she may terminate the agreement with a
period of notice of one calendar month.

Notice of termination of the agreement must be sent to the address: info@pole4fit.com. Any
attachments concerning termination must be submitted to the reception of the fitness centre or sent by
mail to the address: Pole4fit Oy, Opastinsilta 9, 00520 Helsinki.
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