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Please note that you can conveniently travel to all our studios with an AB zone ticket!

Pole4Fit Kamppi

Lönnrotinkatu 41 b, 00180 Helsinki
p. 0503846159 (on weekdays from 9 to 16)

NOTE! The Kamppi studio is closed for the time being due to water damage.

Pole4Fit Pasila

Opastinsilta 9, 00520 Helsinki
p. 0503846159 (on weekdays from 9 to 16)

Pole4Fit Olari

Piispanpiha 5, 02200 Espoo
p. 0503846159 (on weekdays from 9 to 16)

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Are you wondering what to bring to your first lesson or what the difference is between a course and a week lesson? Below, you'll find answers to all the most commonly asked questions.

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