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Pole4Fit offers its customers versatile fitness, dance and acrobatics services in Kamppi, Pasila, and Olari.

Pole4Fit offers its customers a wide range of fitness and dance services.

Pole4Fit Oy is a company founded in 2009, offering fitness and dance services. We started our operations in Pasila in 2009. In January 2015, we opened our second branch, Pole4Fit Kamppi, on Lönnrotinkatu. In March 2018, we opened Pole4Fit Olari, which you can find from April 2024 onwards at the new address Piispanpiha 5.
  • Three locations: Pasila, Kamppi & Olari
  • Wide range of weekly classes and courses at all locations
  • High-quality and effective classes for beginners to professionals
  • A diverse range of workshops
  • Customized private lessons tailored to the wishes of the customers
  • Performance coaching
  • Recreational activities for companies
  • Events and productions

Our skilled, motivated, and joyful instructors ensure a safe and encouraging learning environment.

Assi Lackschéwitz

Pole4Fitin omistaja-yrittäjä

Petra Kalliomaa

Sanna Sihvonen

Anna Holopainen

Anastasia Salunen

Sanni Pietarinen

Pinja Juntunen

Anni Helldán

Johanna Iivonen

Laura Hirva

Sonja Silvola

Jasmin Läspä

Reetta Lagerström

Noora Juppi

Minka Leskinen

Emmaleena Hietamies

Oona Antinjuntti

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Are you wondering what to bring to your first lesson or what the difference is between a course and a week lesson? Below, you'll find answers to all the most commonly asked questions.

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