Welcome to join Pole4Fit's pole and circus courses! During the course, you'll train with the same group throughout the duration of the course.

Registration for the March courses is open!

The courses starting in March are now available for booking! Courses are comprehensive programs, and by enrolling, you commit to attending the same course for its entire duration. Course-based training is particularly suitable for those who want to practice weekly at a fixed time with a familiar group and instructor.

You can avail the student discount (-10%) and member discount (-13%) directly from the Store using discount codes!

Adult courses: 9 x 60-75 minutes

Course price: 155€

Adult courses: 5 x 60 min

Course price: 85€

Children's pole courses: 17 x 60min

Course price: 279€

Children's pole coaching group: 17 x 90min

Course price: 399€

Introductory and mini courses: 4 x 60min

Course price: 40-45€

Workshops 2 x 90min

Workshop price 40-45€

Workshops 1 x 120min

Workshop price 40€

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Are you wondering what to bring to your first lesson or what the difference is between a course and a week lesson? Below, you'll find answers to all the most commonly asked questions.

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