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Season, monthly and serial cards:

All the cards purchased at our studios in Helsinki are valid at Pole4Fit Kamppi and Pasila. All the the cards purchased at our studio in Espoo are valid at Pole4Fit Olari. With these cards you can join all the weekly classes either in Helsinki or Espoo. Courses and workshops are not included. To see and enroll in our circus courses and workshops click here. If you have any questions, please contact us.


1 month card for members  85 € per month. Contract period 12 months. Joining charge 0 €. The membership is city specific. Membership includes all the weekly classes either in Helsinki or Espoo, free training and discounts from courses and workshops. See here our membership terms and conditions.

Without membership:

Student prices are in brackets. Please show your student ID at the office. We don’t give student discount on membership, free training and offers.




Spring or Autumn season (5 months) 480 (432)
Summer season (June–July) 190 €
1 month card 130 (117)
10 time card (valid for 3 months)

10 time morning card*

5 time card (valid for 2 months)

5 time card for new and returning customers**

135 (121)

95 €

75 (67)

50 €

Drop-in 18 (16)
Fresh Start course (2 hours) 36 (32)
Free training (1 hour) 5 € (for members free)


* Valid only during the weekday classes that start before 13:00 (valid for 3 months)
** For customers who haven’t had any reservations in the last 12months. (valid for 2 months)

For free training in Pasila you can use our small rehearsal space during the lessons. Please note that there may be other users also. No booking needed. Kamppi free training times can be booked via the online booking system.

Methods of payment:

We accept cash, major credit and debit cards, Smartum sport notes, Smartum balance card,  Luottokunnan credit notes, e-passi, Edenred, Eazybreak and Virike-etu.